Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Spread the love!!!

OH WOW.....thank you so much for this award Ebony!!! It is so exciting!!!!!!

The rules: you must post the award on your blog, name the person who awarded you, then pass the award to 6 other bloggers and leave a message on their blog that they've received the award.

So now I guess I need to pass this on to 6 people.....hmmmm ..... I guess they need to have blogs right? Ok well that narrows it down a little. And I guess I shouldn't pick people who I know have already received it.....hmmmmm........

Ok my 6 nominees are........

~ Nardi (visit Card by Nard)
~ Ness
~ Krissy
~ Susan
~ Chrissie
~ Del

Thank you all for showing me you care and for being a friend!!!


Susan said...

Aww! Thanks so much, Hannah! Nice to see you blogging again, too!

Vjbradford said...

Hey Hannah - Ness, as in me?? If so, thanks for the award! Great to see you in the blog world again ... Now to think of my worthy recipents :)