Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I received an encouragement award from a great friend of mine Nardi. Thanks so much Nardi, you have been an encouragement to me both in crafting circles and in life generally. Thank you so much!!!

I would like to pass on this award to a few people who have encouraged and supported me. (there really are so many I could pass this on too..... but some don't have blogs so that makes it hard)

Jo - because she is ALWAYS there for me!

Ebony from Allcraftz - because she was the first to take a chance on me

Krissy - 'cos she encourages me when I need it

Marnie - for her wicked sense of humor that gives me a lift when I need it

Avie - for the love and support she shows

Thank you to everyone who has had an influence on me and my life!!!


Anonymous said...

hannah you lovely lady. thankyou so much for my award i shall place it on my blog with pride. i feel so honoured. really glad i can make you laugh darls you brighten my life too. luv ya

Anonymous said...

Oh Hannah thank you so much! I'm glad I was blog hopping this afternoon or I wouldn't have seen this. Maybe I should start a blog of my own. LOL!

I don't do much you know. Your a very talented lady, what you go through we all go through. I'm happy that I make you feel good because you certainly brighten everyone's life with your beautiful creations. Never forget to enjoy life no matter what obstacles come your way. God loves to challenge us you know.


Ebony said...

Oh! This is a wonderful surprise. Thanks heaps Hannah... I am still VERY glad your our DT Queen and thanks my lucky stars every day you came along :)

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie!!!thanks so much, you are the best friend anyone could have. I'm very lucky to have you in my life.

Hugs Jo!!!!!