Sunday, 9 March 2008

OK So I am getting back on the wagon!

Well here we go again I hear you cry......another attempt to loose weight. But I have to do it this time, I am so sick of feeling the way I do. I am tired of being I need to announce it here so there is no turning back!

I NEED to loose 30kg! OH my that sounds impossible........but I am going to do it in 5kg lost so that is only 6 lots! That sounds much easier already. I am 170cm tall so should weigh around 70kg. So here is to the first 5kgs! (raise glass...chink....glug glug glug...water of course!)

I am going to Weight Watchers every Saturday and I guess I should tell you all each week how I am going?? Yes or No? Hmmmm I will think about that one I guess. I need to up my exercise will have to plan that into my weekly schedule I think. So who is with me on this? Anyone else out there need support? I know I sure do.

Friday, 7 March 2008

What a whirl wind!!!

This year had gone so fast and here we are in March already. Half way through the first school term with Easter just around the corner. Life has been busy...but no more than anyone else's I think. I am loving life, while it is busy and we have had our share of curve balls, I am enjoying life. I still love the DT and love to be able to have time to create. I have also be accepted for publication in Stamping and Papercraft magazine. They are publishing a set of 3 cards I made plus they have asked me to take part in the "stampers challenge" section. The issue with my cards in it goes on sale at the beginning of May. So excited about it!

I really wanted to share a few of my latest creations with you all.

The first is a desk caddy I made form beer coasters that a kind friend sent me (thank you Susie!). I had wonderful fun making it. I have used the new "Bazzill with Egde" to make the scalloped dividers in the middle.

Well I have to run now but I will blog again soon