Thursday, 17 April 2008

Each new day.......

Morning everyone. Some days it is difficult to get going, some days you spring out of bed with out your feet touching the floor. We never know what a day will bring us do we, and each day has a fresh beginning.

Yesterday I received some very very HAPPY MAIL. It was a wonderful surprise. I was lucky enough to receive a package of extremely yummy scrap supplies from a wonderful caring friend. Inside the package was a great selection of papers (ones I had never seen or been able to get my hands on), some beautiful flowers, pearls, rubons and the cutest little owl friends!

Thank you are a blessing in my life.

I am so lucky to have a bunch of wonderful caring people in my life. Thank you all Charles, Jo, Sandra, Ness, Mandz, Cath, Fiona ..........the list goes on. I can't name everyone because I am sure to forget someone. But know that I appreciate the touch everyone has in my life. THANK YOU!!!


TribeRingers said...

Remember to take of YOU! All the best to you.

Vjbradford said...

Hi Hannah :D

I can't remember exactly the saying, but it's something along the lines of "like attracts like".

How lovely to receive such a parcel from Sandra ... I look forward to seeing what you create with it all!