Thursday, 17 April 2008

E is for......

Well this is a little post from me this morning. I haven't updated for a while, I know slack.....but I had to tell you all Ness has nominated me for an Excellent Blog Award. See there it is at the top! Thanks Ness...and thanks for you VERY kind words.

So now it is my turn, I get to nominate is a hard decision....hmmmmmmmm. OK I nominate Sandra.......YAY Sandra....come on down!

Sandra is a great friend who inspires me and encourages me everyday. Thanks it is your turn.

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Sandra said...

oh wow... ~making my way to the stage~
Oh wow... thank you.. thank you.. i dont know what to say. Id like to thank my mum and dad, because without there help i would not be here to create my blog. For my children, because without them i would not have stories to tell... and my husband for understanding and being the best blog widow a girl could ask for! :D