Friday, 29 August 2008


The Allcraftz August Cyber Crop is on now!!!!

Here is the examples I have done for 2 of the challenges.

Challenge 1

Your Mission should you choose to accept it is........

to create a layout using photos (at least 2) of a family trip/holiday/day out . You also need to use a transparency/overlay and stitching. Also include some handwritten journaling in the form of a letter written to the subject in the photo. The journaling can be hidden but you must be honest and tell us it is there (I understand that the content of the letter may be personal).

here is my example.....
I have used machine stitching but hand stitching is fine too. My letter in on the back of the blue spotted paper in a clear plastic envelope. The overlay i used was a journaling block which I cut in half and used as the flourishy corners to the layout.

Challenge 3

ok we had a suggestion after the last CC to have an OTP here it is.

Create a CC with the travel can be any form of OTP you like....a frame, a tin, a mini album......use your imagination.

here is my example......

I have made a mini exploding book from a 12x12 sheet of pp with cardstock covers. The theme is a trip to one of our favourite local nature reserves.

Hop on over to Allcraftz now to join in the fun!


Anonymous said...

hannah i love the exploding book. feel free to share the instructions lol. great stuff as usual.


Thanks is a very easy one! Oh maybe we could do a kit of it?